Bike Riding

I picked up cycling after my knee went out running. I was planning on running a marathon. Not for any reason except it was there, something to do. Typically when I do something I do it all the way. That means the most expensive, more productive, the best, the top, fullest, etc. I could not be satisfied with the status quo. I’m not sure why all that is. I do know that some of it is motivated by a desire to gain attention for myself. I want to look good in front of anyone, everyone. I do not like to look bad. Even to this day it is a major sin pattern in my heart.

I could not just run for the exercise of it. I had to run further, longer than anyone. Therefore, I trained, bought the best shoes, read the books and prepared to run in a marathon. I was on a 9-mile run one day around Olive Branch Road and Helms Pond Road. Toward the end, about 7 miles into it, my right knew blew out. Something happened. I do not know to this day what happened. It stopped me though. It was excruciating pain. Not to be outdone I finished the course and ran back to the house. My running days were over.

Shortly thereafter I was introduced to cycling. I think some of the guys at work introduced me to cycling. I know Cal Pearson and Liston Darby did, maybe others. I picked up the sport. I bought a Panasonic bicycle. It was a racing bike about $350 or so, I can’t remember. I bought a “fish-eye” computer to go on it. It was the real deal. I was now a cyclist. My knee could make that movement, but not the pounding that the running movement caused.

I would get up early in the morning and go to Cal’s house and we would ride with a group of folks from Delaval. It would not be unusual to go on a 50 or 60 mile trip and be home by Noon. It was so much fun. It was unbelieveably fun. I remember one day when I decided to go on a 100-mile trek…just because it was there. I set my fish-eye and off I went by myself. About 75 miles into the trip my knee went out. I over-did it again. It was the same injury, the same pain, the same stupidity. I knew I was done with biking. However, just like the running accident I didn’t want to not finish the course. Therefore, I rode my bike the remaining 25 miles on a bum knee. I would pedal hard with my left leg and my right would sort of tag along. That worked fine until I came to a hill which required more leg teamwork. From that point on my exercise days dwindled until my present condition of virtually no exercise at all.

Interestingly enough my metabolism was so aggressive that it took about 7 months for it to slow down to a normal pace.

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