True or False

After I read the “plan of salvation” in the back of one of those books on Eschatology I was seriously confronted in my heart. There were questions to answer. I needed answers. After some reflection it became apparent to me that there was only one question to answer. I knew if I answered this question then the rest of them would fall into place.

Here’s the question: Is the Bible true or false?

That’s it. Pretty simple. This is a watershed question. To answer it one way would send me off in a specific direction. To answer it another would be a global paradigm shift for the rest of my life as I turn around and head in the complete opposite direction I had been heading. What is the answer? I was struggling over this question after reading Rev. 20:15. Wow! Is that true or false!

It said I would go to hell if my name was not written in the book of life. I didn’t know what the book of life was, but I did know what hell was. I didn’t need to nuance out this text, just take it as it is and ask the ultimate question. Is the bible true or not? To say “False” meant I could go on with my life and who cares. To say the bible is true means I had to make some changes.

My rationale boiled down to the following: In my culture I am bombarded with affirmations that I am good, I need healthy self-esteem, I need to think happy thoughts and it all will turn out well in the end. Not only the end, but I should be living in prosperity today. When I read the bible it says that I’m a dirt-bag, sinner, bad, going to hell, have no hope and the end could not be bleaker. These are two antithetical concepts: blessing and goodness versus hell and badness.

What to do? I figured than man didn’t write the bible. Man has too high of an opinion of itself. Man is too self-exalting. My conclusion was that man did not write the bible. The bible view of man didn’t sound like a man author. Oh my! That led to more questions. Who wrote the bible? The end of the search was that God wrote the bible, it is true and I am going to hell.

My path was now set…


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