Rock Music & Revival

After hearing from God that I should be at Grace Baptist I went back the next Sunday and for all intents and purposes that was what Baptist folk would call “my home church”. I attended First Baptist Church when I was a kid, but stopped going by the time I was 10 or 11 years old. I went to an Independent Baptist church when I was a teenager for a few times. I attended Tabernacle Baptist maybe 8 or 9 times and another one on Old Charlotte Highway. I don’t remember why we got hooked up with TBC. We attended the other one because Ann and Archie attended that one and it was part of my Judd’s Restaurant career.

By the time I made my decision about Grace Baptist Church they were getting prepared for a “revival” service with Don Fitch and the Singing Fitch Family. In the Independent Baptist circles they had what they called revival meetings. They didn’t necessarily have “revivals” in the strictest since of the word. It was a word robbed of its reality and attached to a tradition from the past when there were legitimate revivals in the US ad Europe. That was a long gone reality and now the world of religion was using the symbolism and tradition in hopes that a legitimate revival would happen. I’ve never seen a legitimate revival in these 20 years as a Christina, nor have I heard of any.

Nevertheless, it was revival week and the singing Fitch family was coming through. Don and his family toured on a large bus around the Southeast in small local churches preaching and singing for a week, accepting most of the offering, which is how they got paid vocationally. I remember vividly that on Sunday before week began Don was preaching on Sunday morning and he said that we would not have revival if there was known sin in anyone of our lives. He said that that sin in our lives could hold back the hand of God and revival would not come and though he didn’t say this to my knowledge, it was clear that if revival didn’t come it would have been my fault or the fault of any person who had sin in their life. I took this message to heart and knew that God was speaking directly to me, through this man.

I had been listening to rock music most all of my life. And for some reason I had equated rock music with sin. I don’t know if that was a cultural statement coming out of the sixties or a cultural Christian statement I had picked up on since I became a Christian or if I was convicted of listening to rock music through preaching, teaching, reading the bible, or culture or something. I don’t know why I was thinking that if I didn’t get rid of my rock albums that God would not bless this church this week and the hand of revival would be stayed all because of me.

To be continued…

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