Rock Music & Revival: Part Two

I was greatly convicted because of my love for rock and roll. I don’t remember if I went down to the altar and repented of this “sin” or not. (The altar in an Independent Baptist church are the steps that lead up to the platform. Many Baptists at the end of their sermon ask for folk to come to the “altar” and pray to God asking them to help them regarding this or that as it pertains to the sermon just preached.) I may have hit the altar that morning. Though I do not remember I suspect there were many people in the altar “doing business with God”. This would have been a classic message for such an occasion.

Nevertheless, I’ll never forget what I did when I got home. It was a Sunday afternoon, in June, in North Carolina and it was hot. I was so convicted that I couldn’t wait to get rid of those albums. I gathered them up and went to the trash barrel (a 55 gallon drum with the top cut out of it) in the backyard. The trash barrel is where we burned our trash. We were in the country(as opposed to the city) and this is how folks got rid of much of their trash.

I took those albums out there and threw them in the barrel. I did not do this with joy. My heart was not completely in this, but I wanted to be obedient to what I believed to be the leading of God. I threw them in, went to the church meeting that night and feeling pretty good that God would bless our little congregation and if he did not I knew it would not be my fault. I was obedient and was not going to get blamed for staying the hand of God that week. It never dawned on me how arrogant I was in thinking that I could stay the hand of God in anything. I say “arrogant”, but I also realize I was an immature and untaught new believer.

The next day I was still not totally onboard with God about these albums. After I got home from Delaval I came in the front door and walked immediately out the backdoor and headed toward that trash barrel. I was planning on retrieving those albums. I just couldn’t let them go. The Sunday church meeting was over and the conviction had passed. It was so funny when I peered over that trash barrel. (Of course it was not funny that day.) When I peered over I saw those albums in some sort of contorted and twisted fashion. They had been sitting in the blazing sun for over 24 hours and were past the melting point.

I felt a twinge a conviction and embarrassment in my soul for attempting to retrieve them. I knew God was making sure I would not get them back so he made arrangements to permanently remove this “sin” out of my life. It was a humorous story from a young man trying to make his way in his new faith.

It would be real cool to have those albums back. They were classics.

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