Pranks: Streaking, Eggs and Airplanes

We brothers were notorious for doing pranks. Some of them were fun, funny and others were mean in nature. Back in the mid-seventies streaking was the big rage around the country. This is where teens and college students would strip naked and run through a crowded area. One day I was looking at the Monroe Enquirer and saw a picture of my brother on the front page. He was sitting on the back of a ragtop, naked, riding down the main drag of Wingate College, which is now Wingate University. This was not unusual in that if something was going on with potential for controversy one of the Thomas boys was going to be in the middle of it.

My grandfather had eggs for some reason or other. I don’t really remember why he had eggs. I assume he had chickens. He did own a farm or two in his day and he was always into something from an entrepreneurial perspective. He had scores and scores of washing machines, dryers and refrigerators in his yard. He was a white man’s version of Fred Sanford. One evening Robby and Joey, the two oldest, stole some eggs from my grandfather and took them to Wingate College and began throwing them into the windows of the dorms. In those days there was no air conditioning in all of the dorms. They used window fans. As you can imagine, when the eggs hit the window fans the eggs were slung throughout the dorm room. This made quiet the mess. It also incited several students and they began to chase Robby and Joey.

Robby, being the athlete, jumped a ravine and kept on going. Joey, who was following close behind, tried to jump but came up a yard or so short. He landed on the side of the ditch. Unfortunately, he landed square on the corner of a concrete block with his knee. It knocked his knee to the back side of his leg. He was in screaming pain. The ambulance and police converged on him. I’m not sure how it all worked out.

Dwayne, the youngest, demolished an airplane that belonged to some neighbors of some friends of his. Dwayne’s friend said the plane was his, as I understand the story, and Dwayne did not believe him and told him so. The young boy proved it was his plane by attacking it. Dwayne did the same. They threw rocks through the windows and beat the body up with sticks and things. It was destroyed. Dwayne and his friend were about 13 years old. They were too young to prosecute. I think they were put on probation for that one.

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