Randy Traywick

That is his real name. He changed it in the ‘80’s and has made quite the name for himself since then. His new name is Randy Travis. Randy and I went to school together beginning at East Union Middle and into high school. I don’t think he graduated, but it is hard to remember now. It was a long time ago. He had a brother one year older than him named Ricky. Ricky and Gary, my brother, were the same age and Randy and I were the same age. Randy’s parents lived outside Marshville on a farm. They had horses and were a bit more successful, though not rich, than we were. His dad built them a room in their house to perform/practice and they entered the school’s annual talent show. Joey, my brother, sang for them once upon a time. I remember them doing an excellent rendition of “House of the Rising Sun” for a school talent show. It was very good. I think Ricky was a better vocalist and musician. Randy was the one that caught the break.

I remember one time when we got together with Ken Griffin (I think) and stole some empty drink bottles at a store down from Randy’s house and rode up and down the road throwing the bottles at mailboxes. Another time Gary, Ricky, Randy and I broke into a local black church just for the fun of it. I was preaching, my brother was taking up the offering and the Traywick boys were singing, all of this was in a mocking way. It is humorous how those caricatured activities have somewhat defined our life. Another time we four skipped school together and went to Lake Lee. I wrote about this in another post called Sea Monsters. It was a funny time for some out-of-control teens.

Gary went into the military around 17 years of age. Randy went to Nashville with Lib Hatcher. Ricky went to prison. I got married and settled down, sorta.

Ricky got saved from what I understand. I last talked to him in 1989. He was singing in a local church. Gary got married, joined the Army, retired after 20 plus years. Randy has passed his peak, but made his millions. I was saved and have since made a major trajectory change.

I remember the summer I moved to Greenville (1986) I was in a Sky City store and passed the music section and saw an album cover that had a guy named Randy Travis on it. I thought it had an uncanny resemblance to Randy Traywick. I thought nothing else about it. Some time later my mother and I were talking and she asked if I had heard what happened to Randy Traywick. I said, “No”, and she told me about the name change, etc. Remarkable. Marshville, where he is from, put on their sign that leads into town on Hwy 74 “Home of Randy Travis”. That is humorous as well. They were glad to get rid of him. Funny how economic success can change our opinions about people.

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1 thought on “Randy Traywick

  1. Dude, I really enjoyed reading this! Sweet story. Ive been through there on my way to Rockingham for one of my old jobs. I met some lady though I cant remember when and where who mentioned his real name was Traywick and that she had grown up with him as well. “My love is deeper than the hollar…stronger than the river…higher than the pine trees…”. I will inevitably remember Rick when i hear these songs now, which will be strange because I will be thinking of a man when I hear love songs..hahaha.

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