Twelth Grade

DECA stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America. I’m not sure what that means. What it was however was an organization where senior high school students got credit for having jobs during their senior year. I received school hour credit for working a job. I went to school around 8:30 or so and got out around noon or so my entire senior year. I do not remember what classes I took in those morning hours. I assume it was two classes. The truth is I skipped half or more of those days during that year. One of the classes was my DECA class. We met at the last morning hour, I think, and they supposedly prepped you for the workforce. I hardly showed up, but did show up enough to keep folks off my back. I suppose the reason no one really said anything is because it was my last year and there wasn’t a lot of purpose in doing anything. I wasn’t bothering anyone. I was not going to go to college so just let him go seemed to be the attitude. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the attitude was something else. I really do not know. However, I was out of class half as much as I was present.

My schedule looked something like this. I would get up and go to school. The time was probably around 8:30 AM to be in class. I would go to one or two classes and then my DECA class after that. I would leave and have the afternoon free. Typically, I would go to the theater and watch a movie and then around 4 PM I would go to work and work until midnight. Hardees would close at 11 PM and then there would be one hour to clean the place up. I would go home, sleep until 7 AM or so and then do it all over again. I had the money and movies were not expensive in those days. It killed some time. It kept me out of trouble and it kept me in an anti-social state which was my preference. I suppose I could have done other things, but there was not much to do in Monroe and I didn’t have any real friends at that time. Everyone from first grade to now that I ran with was planning their next life. Some of them were going to college and others were arranging their future work careers. There were a number of them that were farm boys and they were busy doing that. So I took my cues and did the same. I was moderately successful in my small world as a Hardee’s restaurant employee.

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