Sometime during the Prince Electric and/or Delaval years I took to pretty extensive exercising. I first began by running. I decided I wanted to run a marathon. Greta Weitz was a world famous runner at that time. She ran in the Charlotte Marathon. I decided I would run in the 10K or 5K, I can’t remember. They had a big pasta meal the night before and Greta was there. She may have spoke, I don’t remember. I don’t remember if Penny went with me or not. I went to the meal. It was so not me to do something like that. I don’t remember if I ate with anyone, met anyone, sat with anyone or whatever. I don’t remember. I showed up the next day and ran the race. I don’t remember how I did. It was pretty average, I’m sure.

From there I wanted to run a marathon. I began to train more intensely. I was running about 9 miles one afternoon and I felt something in my right side-knee area snap. It was a terrible pain. I was 1.5 miles away from home. I decided to run on in. It was not a good choice, but I had to get home. It was a day w/o cell phones, imagine that. I hobbled in. My knee has never been the same. It was checked out one time, but they couldn’t find anything. I can run and walk and ride a bike in a limited way, but if I push it the pain will kick in. It’s been that way for 25 years.

From there I took up riding. Like most things I was an incessant rider and it wasn’t long before I was doing 100 mile bike treks. And it wasn’t long before the same thing happened to my knee. It went out again and this time I was 25 miles from the house, but I wanted to do the 100 miles so I rode it on in and that was pretty much the end of my biking days.

Boy, did we have fun. One time I was coming across Skyway Drive and I spotted a dump truck at a traffic sign. I got behind it before it took off and when it did take off I began to draft the dump truck. I had a “cat eye” computer on my bike and before long I was drafting above 55 mph. It was a surreal moment. It was a dumb moment I suppose. But it was fun. I decided to pull out of the draft because he couldn’t see me back there. I was drafting anywhere from 5 to 12 inches from the truck.

When we made the long trips we would ride in-line and let one person take the brunt of the wind on point. We would draft behind and then take turns. It was the fun times for sure. I really do miss those day.


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