Beginning of the End

I didn’t know it but my Delaval years were coming to a close. I was doing well, making a lot of money for that time. I was at $10 per hour. It was good. Penny was working in the office and making the same. We were taking it in. We had more than we needed. The 3.42 acres was paid off. The single-wide was paid off. We bought a double-wide and had it nearly paid off. We owed two more years on it. I built a 24 x 24 concrete floor out-building on the back of the property. We both had new cars. I had a van at the time, a cargo van.

I bought two window air conditioning units for the double-wide and was about to go with a heat pump. I had a 116 John Deere riding lawn mower and a full-blooded Siberian Husky. We were on top of the world so to speak. A year before I quit Delaval I got saved and I found my new niche, but didn’t know it at the time. I had no clue that in 18 months I would be living in another town, another state, going to college, walking away from everything that I knew and all the people I knew. I would lose my property, vehicles, double-wide, out-building, tools and everything else that I knew including my family. Today I do not think I own one thing from those years. I’d have to look around the house and see, but I don’t think there is any vestige of anything left.

God transformed me. I was changing by the week. I had an insatiable appetite for the word of God. I read it constantly. I read everything I could get my hands on. I was changing so fast that I didn’t even recognize it. At times I would look up and take assessment and realize I had changed. But for the most part it was not noticeable because I was so busy to do inventory.

It was as though the thing I had been looking for since the 12-year old kid sitting on the bank of Lake Twitty was being fulfilled. It was amazing for me. I had found the secret, the key that unlocked the door. The mystery was unraveled and my course was set. I had no idea how much it would cost me to make these decisions. I’ve often said that if I knew what it would cost I would not have made those decisions. It was a dangerous journey that God placed me on. I was too excited and too simple minded to care about the danger. I was too stupid as well. God veiled some of it from me. Selfish ambition was also propelling me faster than I should have gone. Sin and purity were colliding together and I could not discern the difference. What I knew was I had found the prize and I was not going to be deterred. Fortunately God was keeping me this time because I’ve made enough mistakes to get flung of course too many times. I know I’ve found it now because about 22 years of walking with him only he could keep me. I couldn’t keep myself in anything.

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Rick Thomas leads a training network for Christians to assist them in becoming more effective soul care providers. RickThomas.Net reaches people around the world through consulting, training, podcasting, writing, counseling, and speaking. In 1990 he earned a BA in Theology, and 1991 he received a BS in Education. In 1993 he was ordained into Christian ministry, and in 2000 he graduated with an MA in Counseling from The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, CA. In 2006 he was recognized as a Fellow of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).

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