My Former Separatist’s Days

The “branch” of fundamentalism that I was part of was one of the more restrictive branches of the movement. I believed in the King James Bible, which was touted as published in 1611. I didn’t read the 1611 version because of the Old English. I had a translation of a translation, but that did not mitigate my zeal in boasting in the Authorized Version. For me this was a dividing line with other groups. There were several dividing lines. Here is a short list or relationship stoppers:

1. If you did not have the 1611 King James Version
2. If you were not Baptist
3. If you were not Independent Baptist to be more specific
4. If ladies wore pants as opposed to dresses or culottes
5. If you went to a movie theater
6. If you drank alcohol
7. If you hung out with people that did any of the taboos on this list
8. If you didn’t go to a church meeting twice on Sunday and once on Wed

There were other things on the list. I held them strictly and typically when I met anyone that I didn’t know I would begin a subtle process of question asking to figure out who they were, what they participated in and how they held to these standards. There were ways to figure it out. And if they did not hold to my views then they would be “X’ed” off my list so to speak and I didn’t interact with them. Bob Jones University was one of the groups that was off my list. They held what I thought was a “liberal” view of the bible because they didn’t have an absolute stance on the King James Bible. They were also in the arts, which was an unnecessary evil, from my immature perspective, and a precursor to the entertainment industry. Their thinking seemed to be that if the art was from 200 or more years ago, it had been “sanctified” so to speak and was okay. In their mind there was no hard line or even a dotted line to the entertainment industry of today. In my mind, it was a precursor.

I have gone from loving the movement to hating the movement to my current reflections that allow me to praise God that the gospel is being preached in the movement. I was very arrogant while I was in this movement and showed it through my separatist positions. I was more arrogant after I left the movement by being critical of the illogicalness of it all. 

God has been kind to show me both sin patterns in my heart and today I am glad that Christ is being preach in this movement and I will always fondly remember many old friends who truly do love God and serve him faithfully.
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