Tristen Synclair

Tristen was named after Mama Grant’s brother who died in 1921. He was 21 years old. Mama Grant, my grandmother, was born in 1906 and she died in 2005. She would have been 99 years old on December 26 of ’06 if she had not died in October. She talked about Tristan, her brother, all of her life. I have grown up knowing about him. I told Mama Grant that if God gives us a child that we would name him/her Tristan. We changed the name from an “a” to an “e” once we found out it was a girl. The “e” has a more feminine appeal to it. After she was born Mama Grant called her a he for a long time. She later transitioned to an “it” and then later called her a she. It was hard for a 90-something year old lady to change after knowing Tristan one way all of her life. The Synclair name came from Sinclair Ferguson. I read a book on the Sermon on the Mount by Sinclair Ferguson that was quite awesome and I thought it would be cool to call our first child after his name. I don’t think it was so much him as we thought the name was cool.

Tristen was born almost 20 years to the day after Meredith was born. It was sort of odd. She is also the spitting image of Meredith. The appearances are uncanny as she has gotten older. Haydn was born 20 years after Matthew. I got a girl and boy and then 20 years later I got another set of girl/boy. After Haydn was born I told Lucia one day when I was going to change his diaper that I was going to change “Matthew’s diaper”. It was odd. It was not premeditated. I have gotten Tristen and Haydn confused several times since then. Their appearance to Meredith and Matthew is quite odd.

Tristen was the perfect child. She never caused us a minute’s trouble. She slept on cue. She slept in the car when we started up. She hardly cried and she was almost always obedient. She played alone. She loved playing by herself so if we had something to do she would keep herself occupied. She did what she was told when she was told. The desire to play by herself and not participate in community has been a problem since, but it was nice when she was a kid. We didn’t realize how the independence was going to backfire. She loved to serve and picked-up quickly on what we taught her. She liked Riverdance, the video and soon developed a huge love for any kind of videos.

She was such a treasure that I didn’t think I could ever love another kid. She was so perfect. Everybody loved Tristen. Chuck Crumpton soon started calling her “Tritter” and it stuck. Everyone called her that. She soon became sort of a mascot for our little church. She fit in and everyone spoiled her. She took longer than most kids to get potty trained, walking and other activities. She seems to be more cerebral than athletic.

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