Haydn Mason Grant

We were watching a Josh Groban DVD and when they rolled the credits we saw a name that we both liked. We didn’t know how to pronounce it, what it meant and what gender it was for. The name was Haydn. It looked cool on the screen as they were rolling the credits. I found out later it meant “heathen” in German according to some sources. It was also pronounced “Hi-den” with a long “I”. It is the name of Joseph Haydn the German composer. In English the name means a “field full of heather” from what I have been told.

Haydn is an amazing child. He has a tender spirit and is very cooperative. He asks questions before he normally does things. He is very cute and has a charismatic smile. He is a lady killer. He loves his little sister and treats her friendly and with much compassion. He seems to be a compassionate boy. I recently went in our walk-in closet and Haydn was sitting in the basinette playing with Ansa. He was taking care of her on his own. This is typical of him.

He was born at home, the first child to be born in our home at 1611 Winding Way. We could not decide on his middle name after we both immediately loved the name Haydn. Lucia wanted to name him after her mother’s maiden name. I didn’t like Mason. It reminded me of Perry Mason the homosexual. But I loved the Perry Mason show. It was still too effeminate for me. I liked the name Grant. It sounded hard, rough and rugged. That’s what I want him to be in a way, to be a man. We called a truce and named him Haydn Mason Grant Thomas. It was a whopper of a name, but it is a cool one. He is both compassionate and somewhat rugged. I’m teaching him ruggedness. He would default to softness. He is a work in progress, but a good work. He doesn’t cause trouble. He is a learner and responder.

Haydn has been very coordinated. He hardly ever walked. He went from crawling to walking seemingly almost immediately. It was quite amazing. He is not like his older sister. He has the potential to be athletic. I remember the first time we disciplined him. He was probably 8 months old or so and he put his hand toward the electrical outlet. Lucia popped his hand. He was in moderate shock. He seemed as though he could not believe that someone would hit him. It was very soft and he was very surprised. He continued to reach for the outlet. I think he did this about 7 times or so. I thought this was the precursor to a kid from Hades. I thought we had the worst kind of kid and it would take an all out effort to discipline and train him. Some of our friends said they hoped we got a rebellious child because Tristen was such a model of obedience. She was the perfect baby and it was quite obvious. That knowledge didn’t bless some folks with more disobedient children. When we told the story of Haydn and the electrical outlet some people were wrongly encouraged. We were concerned. However, Haydn was nothing like what we thought. He has been a joy to discipline.

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