Ansa Katherine

I was looking on a baby name website one night in the kitchen at our 1611 house. It was a Latin name website I think, maybe Greek. I can’t remember. Anyway I began in the “A’s” and I was going to work my way through the alphabet. I was reading out the names to Lucia. When I got down to Ansa I read it as a joke. Lucia didn’t like it and neither did I. It was more of a joke and out of my devious desire to irritate Lucia. I began telling the kids we were going to name our third kid Ansa. It took about two weeks before it would begin to turn in our minds. We kept saying it and we began to like it. I don’t think anyone else really liked it. Today, it could not be anything else. Hannah Pratt at church said it sounded like a “grandma’s name”. I’m not sure if many liked it. It is amazing after the name connects with the person that they become it and it suits them perfectly. So it is with Ansa.

Ansa was born on March 9, 2006 in our master bedroom at the 1611 house. I wondered if I could love her. She has been swallowed up in the activity of our home. She has been the silent one in our home. She has not received the attention the other two have received. She has been louder than the other two combined. She was a crier the first 7 months of her life. She seemed to cry all the time. I wondered if she would ever stop crying. She would cry in the van, in the bed, during the day, at night at about any other occasion. I have not been as attentive to her the way I was to Tristen and Haydn. Our life has definitely accelerated from the time Tristen was born to when Ansa was born. I am changing this however.

She is a beautiful baby. She was the first of my children to look different. The first four looked about the same when they were born and even at this point in their life. Their behaviors were about the same as well. Ansa has been different. She is louder. She had black hair at birth. She has different facial feature. She looks more like Lucia when she was a baby. I’m curious as to how she will turn out in that she is so different.

She is very cute, extremely cute. She is more petite than the other children. Tristen was really fat. Haydn wasn’t too fat because he started moving a bit quicker than Tristen. Ansa is not fat, but she has not started growing. I can hardly remember Haydn as a baby because he grew up so quickly. Ansa has been so small that her baby-ness has gone on for a long time. About one month ago she began to change in her loudness. She is recognizing more, laughing more and interacting more. Her personality is coming through. I’ve taken more time to interact with her as well. She is a baby doll, a real joy to be with. She has so much personality. Haydn has really taken to her. He spends a lot of time playing with her. Tristen doesn’t spend as much time with her. Tristen does like to carry her around and treat her like a baby doll. Haydn treats her more like a little sister.

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