New York City

Somehow the Assistant to the Dean of the Bible College David Roth got in contact with a pastor in New York named Paul McCardel. His son Bruce was the assistant pastor of All Nations Bible Baptist Church in Queens, NY. Paul was from Florida I think and he moved to NY to pastor. His son served with him. Somehow David was introduced to Paul and a trip was set-up for a group of us guys to go up there to serve them by passing out bible tracts in the subway system, the streets and hopefully lead some folks to Christ and help the church grow a bit while being an encouragement to the members at ANBBC.

A trip was set-up. I think we left on a Saturday and came back late Friday night, early Saturday morning the next week. We made two of those trips. New York quickly became one of my favorite destinations as a young man. It was incredible. It was not like I expected. It was far better than I could ever have imagined. It was one of the highlights of my life to go to NYC and meet the folks at ANBBC.

Later I took Lucia there and we got engaged on top of the Empire State Building. We saw a couple of Broadway shows and did quite a bit of shopping down Madison Avenue and other places. We took a carriage ride in Central Park and much more. The people of NY were incredibly friendly. I enjoyed talking to them and they seemed to like listening to me. I loved it in the summer and the winter. It is a fun city. I don’t think I could live there. I’m sure it is different visiting as opposed to living there.

New York was alive. It is a town full of life. There is so much happening there. Lucia and I have said many times that it is our second favorite place in all the world to attend. It was our number one place until we went to Hawaii in 2000. The two destination are radically different and I hope we can go to them both in the coming years. I want to go again.

It was easy to talk to New Yorkers. They were engaging. However, to do so on the street offered its challenges. If you talked on the street it appeared that you were either gay or you were about to mug someone. New Yorkers could be tentative in some ways, but it didn’t take long to get them to open up. It is my kind of town.

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