Alethea was the oldest daughter of Hector and Alma Henriquez. I really liked her. She blew me away with her personality and life. I had never met anyone quite like her. I was a very lonely man and she was a young lady full of life. She was cute, sassy and lots of fun to be around. I think she loved God as well. I was 30 and she was 18. She was Puerto Rican and lived in a different world. She was refreshing.

We were sitting in a church meeting on Sunday night on the second row. I asked her for some gum. She had written on it Job 17:1—My breath is corrupt. That is the way she was. She was funny and full of life. I came from so much darkness that to see her brought me out to a place where I longed to see. She accepted me for who I was and allowed me to have fun and didn’t try to conform me to her expectations. I felt as though I was growing just to be around her. One other trip I went up to NY alone to be with many of the folks up there, but the main reason was to be with her.

Years later I called Alethea and told her about Lucia and that I wanted her to meet her and that I wanted to propose in NYC, on the Empire State Building. I wanted Aleteha to give us a tour of the city and be part of the event. She was more than willing and very gracious to do this. We flew up on December 18th and spent about 3 days in NYC seeing the sites enjoying life and Alethea met us on the 21st and took us around the city. We had a blast. She took pictures of my proposing to Lucia and helped direct traffic. Folks were walking inbetween her and us as she was trying to take pictures. She began hollering at them telling them to get out of the way, “can’t you see they are proposing, get out of the way”. It was real funny. She was a good friend. It was a New York way of directing traffic.

On one of my trips I found out she had sinned big time. She was angry and backslidden. That helped put our relationship in perspective. I wasn’t hurt per se for me. I always knew it wasn’t going to work. I was sad for her because she didn’t really care. I used to call her when she went to college in Ohio. We would talk for hours. She is about 35 years old now. It would be cool to see her. I heard she was married and with children. Unbelieveable how time flies. The last I heard about her was when I called after 9/11 to see how they were doing. Alma worked at the twin towers and had a dentist appointment that day. She was late for work. On the way to work she heard/saw the towers come down.

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