In His Steps

From the conversation in that apartment that night with Kevin Ryan, we shortly thereafter began a 30-day journey that was unforgettable. Someone suggested, either him or me, that we do this for the next 30 days. It was the last day of July, a Friday night and our team was about to head home. Kevin and I decided we would walk “in His steps” through the month of August, keep a journal, mail our journals to one another the first week of September and let’s see what God will do. So off we went…

Our team got in the van that evening and began the trip back to Greenville. We were driving all night to get in on Saturday. We were exchanging drivers about every two hours and the rest of the team slept. We were somewhere in PA when David told me it was my time to drive. I got in the driver’s seat and asked him where we were and what was the speed limit. He said we were in PA, the speed limit was 65 mph and it didn’t matter. I thought about it for a moment and then did what Kevin and I agreed to do: before we make any decision we would preface that decision with the question: What would Jesus do? I thought about it for a moment and then realized I was in for a very difficult month. I drove the speed limit.

It was August 01 and I was thinking it was going to be a very challenging month. It was. However, it was more rewarding than punishing. It was very different. There were good times and there were times when my fear of man was significantly challenged. One time I was in the checkout line at a grocery store and as I was waiting for my time to checkout I was asking myself what Jesus would do if he was in this checkout line about to talk to the checkout person. It was a no brainer. He would begin to engage in conversation and try to direct the conversation to himself. Fear of man kicked in big time. There were folks behind me and I was quite concerned with what they thought. Nevertheless, I knew there would be a journal entry about this and Kevin would read it so I did what I had to do. I began to witness to her.

Another time I was going to an evening church meeting at this church building I didn’t know where it was located. It was nearing the time I should get there, but I couldn’t find the church building. I didn’t want to be late, but was not making any progress. I asked myself the question, What would Jesus do? I was at an intersection, I stopped, bowed my head and began to pray asking God to help me. I said “Amen” and looked up and then to my left and right. When I looked back to my left I saw a van approaching. It was Randy Holloway. He was going to this meeting. He passed in front of me and I pulled out, turned right and followed him to the church meeting. I smiled and quietly thanked God in my heart.

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Rick Thomas leads a training network for Christians to assist them in becoming more effective soul care providers. RickThomas.Net reaches people around the world through consulting, training, podcasting, writing, counseling, and speaking. In 1990 he earned a BA in Theology, and 1991 he received a BS in Education. In 1993 he was ordained into Christian ministry, and in 2000 he graduated with an MA in Counseling from The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, CA. In 2006 he was recognized as a Fellow of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).

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