New Attitude…we arrived!

We arrived in Simpsonville at the Enterprise location at 5 AM and were off toward TR by 5:25. It looked like we were going to be running ahead of schedule for this trip, sweet. We arrived at the Spinx in TR at 6 AM. Katie Crumpton and Kaise Cassell were at the Spinx in TR along with Heidi and I was informed that the Spinx I told everyone to meet was actually in Taylors not TR.

I called Katie and Heidi brought them to the Spinx on 290 and we were all settled in. Several of the folks brought goodies for the trip. A couple of the girls brought some small bags for their particular rooms. Cinda Pratt brought enough goodies for everyone. …and off we went up 290 to 25 to 26 to 40 …

We pulled out at 6:30 and within the hour Sarah Payne was on the phone asking for a restroom break, unbelievable. I’m thinking this is going to take two days to get to Louisville. I’m now praying we can make it by the last session on Tuesday morning.

We were all refreshed and prayed for new attitudes and off we went again wondering when Sarah would call again, assuming it would be within the next hour. Fortunately we made it two hours before the inevitable call came. We pulled over and created the worlds longest restroom line to the ladies room of some rural BP Station.

The bladder gods prevailed and as we approached 12 noon I put in a call to the other van and the two cars in tow and asked if they wanted to push through to Louisville. At that point we were 70 miles away. Everyone wanted to push through so we did and we made it to Louisville at 1:15 PM, amazing. God is kind. We were all almost checked-in by 2:30 and the guys registered for the conference by 3 PM. There was one small hitch. They had six of our seven rooms ready. It took another two hours for Sarah, Christa Hobbet, et. al. to get to their room.

Laura Paradis and Christa Hobbet drove up in their car because they have to go back on Monday. Courtney was sleeping in their backseat. Rick and Patty Patrick was in the other car. Rick and Patty attend our Titusville, FL church. They came with their son, Justin, after spending a few days with the Britts. Justin rode in the van.

The conference begins at 7:30. Joshua Harris will be up to bat first.

May God surprise us…

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