Haydn pee’d on Tristen

Sunday night Lucia and I went to our Cross Current Meeting. It is our 3rd Sunday night parent/youth meeting at our church. We meet at the youth room of Mt. Zion Christian Fellowship since we do not have our own building. We have to borrow from different folks and the people at Mt. Zion have been very kind to us.

While we are at the meeting we have our own kids babysat. Emily, one of the single ladies that lives with us, was watching our kids for the night. She had my secretary, Jessica, over so they could have a time for personal fellowship while watching the kids. The kids are easy to handle for the most part and it was a good relaxing night for Em and Jessica to chill, build relationally and enjoy the evening.

At some point during the evening Tristen got up to go to the restroom. She sat on the “potty” and was doing her thing. Then for some reason Haydn got it in his head that he had to go to the restroom as well. Part of this routine is their way of not staying in bed, coming in daddy’s room to see what is going on and/or liking the idea of staying up. And it is true that Haydn does go to the restroom a lot. So it is really no surprise he had to go. I’m not sure why he didn’t go to the other upstairs restroom. He had to go to mine.

And he did…

Emily said that she and Jessica were sitting in my room, next to the rest room because Jessica was having allergy problems with something from Emily’s room and the next thing they heard was something along the lines of, “Haydn! Stop it! I’m already on the potty!!” And Haydn was saying something like, “Tristen, I really have to go. I have to go now!”

What was going on was Tristen was on the potty and Haydn was trying to use the potty at the same time as he was trying to pee between her legs. The next thing that was heard was, “Haydn!! You’re peeing on me!” And then, “But Tristen I have to go.”

Emily and Jessica were nearly on the floor laughing so hard. It was sort of surreal sounding as Emily was telling me the story. Sometimes I’m not sure what Haydn is thinking when he is thinking (or not thinking). I talked to them this morning about it and we laughed and they laughed. Tristen is okay and not angry or frustrated about it all. Haydn is still not completely aware that he did anything wrong. They share everything together and he hasn’t heard the “cultural rule” that only one person of the same sex can go to the potty at the same time and the opposite sex never goes to the potty at the same time. Haydn is an “engineer type” of guy and he thinks in terms of efficiency, completion (git’er done) and how to accomplish a task. He is pretty good at that for a four-year old. Tristen can be a patient soul and she loves her little brother. They are best of friends and I guess it is okay this one time for somebody to pee on her, especially if it is her little brother.

I hope I can respond similarly when people “pee” on me. I would be tempted to harbor this kind of inconsideration and be tempted as well to be resentful.

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