Haydn’s first email…from Hilton Head

Hello, my name is Haydn. I went to Hilton Head, South Carolina to go to the beach. I had a good time. The oars you see behind me my daddy bought at Sports Authority for my birthday. Daddy bought me and Tristen a big boat with oars so we can go out in the ocean.

But I don’t like going out in the ocean because the waves knock me over. Tristen was in the boat the first time at the ocean and the waves knocked her out. I do love my boat a lot and my oars and I can’t wait to go back to the mountains where the big pond is so we can get in it and paddle around with our boat. That will be fun. Ansa can also get in the boat in the mountains.

However, I do want to go back to the beach also. I love the beach. Grandpa let us come and stay with him and grandma for my birthday. It was Tristen’s birthday also. I turned four years old on that Tuesday and Tristen turned six years old on the next Monday. Grandpa told us about an alligator that stayed in the back pond behind the condo and he said it eats children so we were afraid and knew we could not go back there.

Tristen really wanted to see the alligator, but he never came out when we were looking. I didn’t see the alligator at all. Grandpa saw him a couple of times and took his picture one time. It made me afraid, but I was glad to know he was there because I didn’t want to get eaten up by him and Tristen said she didn’t want to die either.

We loved the swimming pool at the beach. Grandpa and Grandma bought us a very large whale that we could ride. He was a bit hard to ride in the pool, but he was lots of fun. We also put our boat in the pool and that was fun as well. We turned the boat over and used the bottom like a platform to jump off of.

We also pretended it was a house. And we could get under it and hide. That was fun. We got in the Jacuzzi with Grandpa and that was fun too. The water in the Jacuzzi was very hot. It was over 100 degrees. We couldn’t stay in their too long, but it was fun. We also got sunburned and you can see the marks on Ansa’s back where her swimsuit lines were.

Then we made our picture with Grandpa and Grandma in the water. Daddy took it and that was nice. We love the beach. It is my favorite place to go. There is so much to do down there. As we were leaving we stopped by the Bargain Box and daddy bought me and Tristen a cowboy hat, which is what I wanted for my birthday. Then we went to Subway and ate lunch and then we went to the Home Goods Store and Daddy bought some lamps and some other things. It filled up the van to where we almost had no place to sit. But we figured it out and squeezed in and everything was fine.

Thank you for reading my story. I had a good time.
Love you!

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