She’s Too Fat!!

We were at Century Park last night to give the kids some “run around time” after a day in the house. Sometimes they can get a little stir-crazy and it serves us all to get out and let them run. Century Park is one of those wooden fort, swing, see-saw, castle, sliding board, sand and more kind of things with seemingly endless steps, tunnels, fire poles, escape routes all in a logical, labyrinthical, maze.

The kids love it.

And per usual when they go to a place like this they typically make “new” best friends for a day and they talk and play together. Last night they hooked up with a few new friends and were playing a “catch-me-if-you-can” kind of game. There were the chasers and those being chased.

Haydn had teamed up with a couple of his new friends and they were chasing (or escaping, I don’t remember) from Tristen and her horde. At some point Haydn was trying to help a 7-something-year-old girl up through a “hatch” kind of thing into freedom.

Tristen was hollering at Haydn to pull her on to freedom. Haydn was obviously struggling under the weight of it all. He is four and she was more, much more.

Finally, under the strain of frustration and a growing reality that he didn’t have what it took to pull her “over the top” he yelled at Tristen…

I can’t, she’s too fat!!

Lucia pretended not to know him anymore. When she told me I couldn’t stop laughing.


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