The Olympics & the American Guy

This is the first year that our kids have watched the Olympics. They were too young in years past. It is interesting in that none of them have shown much interest in sports, but they are virtually eating up whatever we allow them to watch.

This past summer they learned what the American flag is when we put one up in our backyard campground. Now they have learned there are “American Guys” competing in various sporting events. They love the “American Guys.” It matters not what the event is. When the TV puts that American flag super-imposed on the track or the pool my kids watch intently as the American Guy makes his way to the finish line.

I think the events that are short in duration are specially made for our kids. They can’t endure a football or baseball game, but a 100 meter run, dash or swim suits them well. 

This reminds me of our first trip to a Greenville Drive baseball game a couple of years ago. After about two innings Tristen, who was four at the time, looked up at me and asked, “Daddy, when are they going to move?”


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