I looked out the other week and saw Tristen wearing my big, old roller blades, attempting to roller blade in the cul-de-sac. The skates were not exactly sideways, but they were close to it. She was walking, waddling, shuffling along with two ski poles in hand sort of dragging her roller blades along.

We bought the ski poles for a couple of bucks at the Bargain Box in Hilton Head last year. And we bought them for this very purpose. Actually I was planning on using them for this very purpose. We bought the roller blades at the same place for $5.

Tristen doesn’t have her own. She does have a big desire to learn how to skate. So off she went. She has been practicing for weeks now. It appears her feet move an inch or so before her skates move since the skates are so large on her little feet.

But she has done it. She can now roller blade without the ski poles. I’m quite impressed. I’m impressed by her discipline, courage, determination and coordination. This has been real cool to watch.

I’m a bit embarrassed that I can’t do it. My embarrassment is because I’m a proud man.

As for Tristen she will get a special surprise in a few weeks for her birthday. And these will fit.


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