Tristen’s First Tea Party

TEA PARTY PICS Several weeks ago Tristen asked me if she could have a tea party for her friends. It seemed like a good idea. I gave her permission as long as she planned it with her mother’s oversight and kept the invite list to about 6 to 8. She was stoked!

Off they went with their plans.

It was a consistent topic of discussion and excitement in our home the past few weeks. It was much joy for me to see her anticipatory smile come across her face last night as she was heading off to bed. Her heart was full. God has blessed my kid with a love for others. She is a social person and loves nothing more than being with her friends.

Today was the big day and all things were ready. The table was pink and frilly. The croissants and teas were prepared. The gift bags looked great and girly.

It was a big hit.

What about Haydn? Great question. Haydn and I made our plans weeks ago as well. Plan number one: we would not be in the house with a bunch of girls, pink and lace. We would have a “Boy’s Day Out.” My son is not egalitarian at all, but it takes work to grow him in biblical manhood. He’s outnumbered.

We went “go-karting” praise God!!


2 thoughts on “Tristen’s First Tea Party

  1. Kaitlyn Easrin says:

    AWESOME tea part Tristen. Rock on girl!! It looks like you girls had a blast!

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