Apple Festival

Yesterday we went as a family to the Annual Apple Festival in Hendersonville, NC. I’m not sure which annual this one was, but it appeared they had done quite a few of them. It traditionally happens over the Labor Day Weekend. We got in on the tail end of this event.

We stopped by the Mast General Store, which is my kids favorite all-time store. They have barrel candy from back in my day. We got them some Mary Jane candy, chocolate covered peanuts and decided to forego our traditional Moon Pie and Nehi, which we get almost every time we go to Mast General here in Greenville.

We bought some Sno-cones and caramel covered apples at the festival and then chilled a bit while watching the annual parade. Tristen got a good dose of beauty queens and Haydn was satisfied with the big old tractors and a few guns. 

All the local and regional politicians were on hand including Elizabeth Dole. It was obvious as to what kind of season we’re in.

If you’ve never been to Hendersonville I’d encourage you to go. It’s a quaint little mountain town nestled in the foothills of NC just under an hour from Greenville.


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