Thomas Swim Team Update

This was our second year in the neighborhood pool. Our pool is a nice one, salt water. A salt water pool does not leave you with the smell of chlorine when you come out. Another perk of our pool is that many of the kids in the neighborhood do not want to swim. Our neighborhood has a rule that you must swim with an adult if you are under 18 years of age. Some of our kids are too proud to be “caught dead” with their uncool parents so they don’t come to the pool.

There have been many times this summer (and last) when we were the only people at the pool. How cool is that? Praise God for a little teenage pride!

This year Tristen learned how to float in the water all by herself. She can now be unattended as far as having to have someone support her every 20 seconds, which was the duration of her floating ability in seasons past. She also has learned how to moderately swim. She has done fantastic. I’m very encouraged by her courage and her trust of her daddy.

Haydn can somewhat float. His big deal this season was going under the water and not freaking out. He is also jumping in from the deck, which is a huge deal. He leads the family in dare-devil stuff. He will stay in the water for a couple of hours. He does not have near the stamina or desire of Tristen when it comes to the pool. She could stay in all day. She got her mother’s gene on this one.

Ansa fell in love with the water this summer. She does it with floaties. She likes for me to throw (literally) her into the water from the deck. She also enjoys showing me how she can put her head under the water and paddle her feet and move about a foot or two at a time, her version of swimming.

Because she is so tiny onlookers get weirded-out when they see me throw her in the pool. She is about the size of someone 1-year younger. Therefore, she looks about 1 year old or 15 months to people, which seems to be a bit over the top as far as a dad throwing her in the pool. She comes up smiling every time. It’s pretty cool.

Ansa seems to be like her sister, a little Ariel.

It was a very good year at the pool!

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