Daddy’s Day Off!

Today is known in our home as “Daddy’s Day Off.” The kids are not sure if it is Monday or Friday or Wednesday. It doesn’t matter what other name you call it. For them it’s Daddy’s Day Off.

This particular day off happens to be Lucia’s first Monday of the month administrative day, which means I take the kids and give Lucia the house to herself.

I took the kids this morning and we got back after 5 this afternoon. Our adventure led us to…

Century Park where my girl Tristen met a boy named Tristan. And my boy Haydn met a girl named Haden. It was all sort of weird. We had lunch there, climbed a few trees and then went to the…

Silver Chair where we met Joffre the Giant. He owns the store and is nearly 7′ tall and twice as wide as me. Tristen looked up at him and said, “You look like a giant.” She made it up to him when she also said that his strawberry smoothie was the best she ever had. Sorry mom! From there we went to the…

Cider House to get some cider and peaches. We ate some of the peaches, dropped one in the dirt, threw some rocks accidentally at some teenagers and then went to the…

Dollar General to eat my favorite snack, cream-filled wafers. We sat out in the van and ate until we didn’t feel good anymore. Haydn was the first one to say he didn’t want anymore. We then went to…

Bloom to get a dog video and came home and ate two bags of popcorn while watching a movie.

Daddy is whooped.

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