Are you serious?

Last night we had our whole family together for a meal, including Miss Emily and Miss Christa. Emily had made a hu-mon-go tub of potato soup. So we had lots of soup and cheese and it was very good. As we were about to pray over the food Haydn asked if he could pray.

He’s four and we’ve been walking him through what proper prayer sounds like and he has been doing a pretty good job. I’m mostly encouraged that he is attacking his fear of man issues. Haydn has historically struggled with doing things in front of others where all the attention is drawn to him. The exception to this would be when he’s acting silly. What I’m referring to as far as fear of man are the times when he’s supposed to put forth his hand for a handshake, or introducing himself and carrying on a conversation, etc.

So he asked if he could pray. I asked him if he would be serious. He looked. He paused. He thought. I could tell he was reflecting on the question. He was narrowing his options down and he chose. He said, “No.” 

Then he looked at me as to say, “Was that the right answer?”

I realized at that point he did not know what the word meant.

He gave a serious prayer.


One thought on “Are you serious?

  1. YellerDaisies says:

    That’s great! He’s so cute…it’s been so cool to watch all three of your kiddos (that I love dearly) turning into godly children. I am confident they will be amazing, Christ loving adults!

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