Tristen’s Storytime

Tristen dictated this story to her friend Brooke, who kindly penned it for her. Brooke, who has kept the kids in the past, wanted to stop by to see them again. It’s been awhile since they’ve hooked up. She is so kind. She is a full-time student at North Greenville, but wanted to spend time with her little friends.

From a dad’s perspective there isn’t anything much better than a God-centered, God-affected young woman desiring to spend time with your kids. We parents are not all that confident we’re getting it right and when somebody wants to come alongside you to serve you it’s a wonderful thing.

Thank you, Brooke!!

Here’s Tristen’s story:

Once upon a time there was a family that was kind. They planted a tree. Their house was pretty. The mother saw it was going to rain. They had one daughter. She was pretty. She had a pet named Ariel. She was a pretty, white cat.

There was a rainbow in the sky. They had a fort. They had a flag, too. It was an American flag. The daughter got married one day becaue she was thirty-years old. She lived happily ever after.

Tristen Thomas


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