It’s a Girl! …and a Boy! …and another Boy!!

…and 10 more to go!!!

Tristen came running into my office this morning with the big news. The caterpillar collection we bought two weeks ago are now hatching into beautiful Monarch Butterflies. We watched them all form their chrysalises a little over a week ago.

This morning they began the coming out process. The Monarchs were shriveled a bit as well as damp. Last week we put a florescent lamp over the plants where they have been eating and then hanging. It was cool to watch them come to life, slowly dry out and begin stretching out their wrinkled wings.

Each chrysalis was about the size of the end of my wife’s little finger. You can imagine how wadded up the butterfly was. The kid’s bedroom is fluttering with butterflies. We let the first three go through the crack in the screen we made. They are now enjoying their new life.

The other ten chrysalises are yet to open.


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