Are We There Yet?

People joke about kids making that statement when they go as a family on a trip. We left Monday on a trip and it was less than 30-minutes down the road when one of them asked the question. I thought this was way too early for a five-hour trip. It became an about every 20 minute routine for them. It was sort of cute, sorta. They did very well during the trip and the anticipation of it all kept them focused with joyful anticipating rather than sinning their brains out.

Grandpa said we could visit with them at Hilton Head for part of this week. This is their week at the condo. It’s always fun to go down and spend some time with them. They arrived on Saturday. We arrived just after noon on Monday. We’ll leave just after dinner late Wednesday afternoon. They will leave on Saturday.

The kids love the beach. They really love Hilton Head. It is not as much about tourist as families. The modesty issues that we run into at Myrtle are a bit too much. At Hilton Head there are more retired couples and parents with small children. There typically, in the weeks we have visited, haven’t been too many young, unmarried people on the beaches. And in October the crowds are very small.

Yesterday we walked to the beach, which was a 30-minute hike, with three kids, wagon load of implements and shoulder bags. I felt like I was pulling a sled. Today I noticed all four tires were flat on the wagon. I was pulling a sled. We went to the convenience store and bought some air. The wagon pulled amazingly well today.

Tonight for dinner we had what is becoming our annual beach birthday dinner for Tristen and Haydn. This is the third year in a row that we have celebrated their birthdays at Hilton Head. I think that is correct. Grandma made a birthday cake for them. Haydn placed five candles in one side and Tristen placed seven in the other side. We fired it up and sang our song and blew the candles out. Haydn got a “shooter” type rocket launcher kind of thing and some connect type contraption that makes scooters, planes, monsters and the like. Tristen got a very large coloring page of some Disney princesses. There were four of these giant-size things in her packet. She also got a painter’s easel type thing with paints and canvass and more. She was stoked.

Ansa, not to be left out, got a very soft kitty. It wasn’t real, praise God! She didn’t seem to mind if she got something or not. Fortunately she’s not too materialistic at two years old. She was enjoying her sibling’s joy.

It has been a tiring day. We spent 6+ hours at the beach swimming, digging, running around and more. The kids are doing very well. They are behaving, not being selfish and being pretty much a delight. They bring me much joy. Lucia and I are sleeping very well and enjoying the sound of the ocean and the sunshine. It is very peaceful down here.

I met a lady yesterday at the Bargain Box. She has been married for 66 years, amazing. They retired in ’82. I was just getting going in ’82. She was very kind.

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