Camp Thomas

The beach was perfect! The weather was perfect. The waves were perfect. The time was refreshing. Hilton Head is a great vacation spot for families. Yesterday after we broke “beach camp” mommy dropped us off at a playground so the kids could run off some energy before we came back to the condo. 

There was a small playground close by. We spent some time there and then I asked the kids if they wanted to go adventuring. That got a resounding response. Ansa said she wanted to hold me, which meant I’m to pick her up and she latches onto my neck. She held me and off we four went.

We hovered around one tennis court, two ponds and two swimming pools before we made it back to the condo. I say “hovered” because there are many alligators around the ponds and a sign at each one that says not to harass them. No problem there.

However, at the second pond we did get to see a six foot gater sunning on the bank. That was a special moment. It was a rare moment in that the kids were nipping at my heels, hovering.


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