Rick & Lucia Joined the Marines!

Today was the community day for the new hospital, which is nearly in our backdoor. We have been watching the progress of the Village Hospital for two years now. My kids have been counting down the days.

Today was the day for the community to come for tours, prizes and various check-ups. It was most certainly an impressive hospital. 

On a whim last week I signed Lucia and myself up for a free session that Maxmotivation was offering at the community day. I happen to know the owner of this company (Derrick Singleton, former Marine!!) and thought it would be good to support my friend as well as get some free exercise and training.

Man, am I sore. 

It was good, maximum and motivating. Derrick invited me to come join him for additional training at his 5:15 AM upcoming training sessions. I’m halting between two opinions: sleep and a need for exercise. His course is twice a week for six weeks. That’s Phase One. He has three phases.

I’ve been following Derrick’s passion/vocation for a few years now. You may want to checkout his site. You can find it here: Go To Boot Camp


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