Ice Skating at the Pavilion

Friday night was our fourth annual ice skating event for our church. Our kids could not have been more excited about an event. Tristen has learned how to read the calendar so she has been marking the days for about two months now. Periodically over the past two months she would ask how long to the event. As the day rolled closer she was asking daily about minutes and hours. Haydn was right on her heels with his questions.

They began this summer getting ready for the event by teaching themselves how to roller blade in the cul-de-sac. I bought them some ski poles so they could hold themselves up as they learned the ropes of roller blading. They became very efficient. It seemed prudent that I should do the same so I donned the ski poles and began my roller blade practice this summer as well. They outdid me on all fronts. They can now skate down the drive into the garage. They gave up the poles a long time ago. Truthfully I have been impressed by their determination and ability to roller blade and they did not have to be pushed to get on those skates. They wanted it, they practiced daily and they did it. It was very encouraging to watch.

Friday night was the fruit of their labors. They got on the ice and began to skate. Tristen was more tentative about the skating. Haydn got on the ice and took off and never looked back. I had to hold Tristen’s hand for several laps until she got her ice legs under her. It took about 30 minutes and she was good to go. The ice was a lot more slippery than the asphalt cul-de-sac. It took more care and attention not to fall down. Typically Haydn has more “game” than the other two and picks up on coordination issues quickly.

They skated for the entire 90-minutes. After about 30 minutes I was done. My feet were killing me. Skating boots don’t go too well with me. It is painful. Much of the pain is in proportion to my fear of falling. The more tense I am the more my ankles hurt because I’m not relaxed.

One humorous moment (at least to me). I rented a “walker” for the ice that a little kid could hold onto while they are trying to skate. I put Ansa on it and she would hold on while her legs went every possible direction. She could not skate at all, but using the walker she could stay up on the ice, hold on and somewhat enjoy herself. After she got used to the “ice walker” I began to pick-up speed. At one point I was skating pretty fast pushing her along the ice. There was a ton of noise in the Pavilion so I couldn’t talk directly to her. I leaned down and said real loud where she could hear me, “Isn’t this cool?” When I got down in front of her face I noticed that she was screaming, very loud, “Mommy! I want Mommy!” This was a clue that she wasn’t too blessed by the speed. It was funny in that I could not hear her hollering/crying. I thought we were having fun. 

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