Frugality for the Glory of God and Blessings for My Family

Being frugal always sounded like a hardship to me, dull, lifeless, medieval, but in an effort to see if we can live on less, I’ve decided to pursue using coupons in my shopping. A friend showed me a free e-book at to get me started. I also read blogs on how shoppers purchased $200 worth of groceries and household supplies for $10. I was amazed. But was it something I could do? How much time would this take? Would it work for our family?

After reading how to use coupons effectively I decided to give it a try. I used for pointers and headed off to the store. In my first trip I saved $50 and was inspired! That was five weeks ago. I am not a pro but I am continuing to learn. I am also having to make the choice between a “good deal” and what is needed. I don’t want to be consumed by the pursuit of saving but I do want to use the resources God has provided wisely.

Today I purchased $13.21 of product for $0.26! The trip would have been free but the cashier said the system would not take my last coupon for $1.50. I was ok with that. The picture of my purchase won’t look impressive but to pay $0.05 for five items and no sales tax is pretty cool. It is also items we use and one gift (the candy).


Total Cost: $0.26

I am rejoicing in God’s kindness in the bargain. He has encouraged me that there is a way to save money and still meet the needs of my family and give gifts.

What an awesome God I serve!


5 thoughts on “Frugality for the Glory of God and Blessings for My Family

  1. YellerDaisies says:

    If you haven’t already, you should talk with Nikki R. The gals in Titusville have been doing this a lot lately. I know Nikki has gotten some tips and ideas from her mom and friends.

  2. Josh S. says:

    Jenny uses The Grocery Game, and has done several shopping trips to CVS. She’s brought home receipts saying, “I just got $85 work of groceries for $20!”

    This is fantastic stuff!

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