Roller Blading

In 2008 my children for some odd reason took up roller blading. They were 6 and 4-years old. Their roller blades were five sizes too big for them. We bought them smaller ones at the Goodwill, but they liked wearing ours.

Nearly everyday during the Fall they would get out in the cul-de-sac and practice. Fall down. Get up. Practice. Fall down. Get up, ad nausea. It was inspiring. And it was convicting.

So I thought I can do this. I bought me some ski poles from the Bargain Box on Hilton Head Island, put on my roller blades (from the Bargain Box) and began practicing with them. They were out-distancing me by a long-shot, but I gave it a whirl. Fell down. Got up. Grabbed my poles again. Fought off fear of man. Who cares what my neighbors think about an old guy on roller blades, with ski poles, falling all over the cul-de-sac.

Six months later!

Yesterday we went to Furman University and roller bladed around the lake. It was awesome. No ski poles! I was thanking God for how he uses my children to teach and inspire me to do things I never previously considered.


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