AWANA Program

Last Wednesday night I took the kids to a local AWANA Program. They did not know what AWANA was about, but with the enthusiasm of kids they were excited about it. If dad likes it, they like it. That’s the way it should be. That’s the way I want to be. If my Father likes it then I want to like it.

We went. They liked it.

And God was not unprepared. He had friends there that they knew and others they quickly bonded with. They also got their “Entrance Test” booklets and Tristen, per usual, quickly devoured it. Haydn was a little slower, but not lacking in enthusiasm and determination to learn his material.

The last thing he asked last night was, “Can I do my verse again.” He has never showed so much desire to memorize the bible. Glory!

I decided this would be God’s good pleasure for them to enroll in the AWANA Program. I emailed the Director yesterday and all is ready to go. Tonight they’ll go, hopefully pass their test and get their vests. They are totally stoked.

Ansa will not be able to enroll until August. We take her and she participates in her kind of way. Her time will come.


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