Made It Home

Tonight we finished approximately our 10th reading of A Dangerous Journey.

Rather than reading it word for word I chose to paraphrase. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that before.

Basically, I made up a bunch of stuff while they stared at the pictures. This was our best reading yet.

It was a huge opportunity to explain the life of a Christian.

Tomorrow we’ll begin Christiana’s story. The kids were so disappointed that I stopped reading.

I hope that is always the case.

BTW: I posted this through my iPhone. My first remote entry.

This is too much!

We are keeping a little girl for friends today. Haydn came downstairs and said, “This is just too much. There are too many girls here!” 

Praise God for my son. Sometimes there are just too many girls. Where can a man be a man in this world?

Oh yeah, and grandma is down from NC for a couple of days. It’s Haydn, daddy and five girls today.

This is too much!