Before there was Twitter, there was Tritter

When Tristen was born in ‘01 a close friend saw her and nicknamed her Tritter. The name has stuck. She is called Tristen, Tritter, Trit and Tritty. Most of her friends, who know her well, do call her Tritter. Her brother and sister call her some form of her name or nickname, depending on the day.

Over the years It has been fun as Tristen has learned to communicate. She is learning new things and keeps us regularly updated on all kinds of information. Just today she said, “This is the best Flag Day ever.” I asked her what she was talking about and she said today was Flag Day. That one slipped by me.

But not Tristen.

Her updates on who is doing what, saying what and sometimes thinking what is commonplace.

We call these micro-commentaries on life’s happenings, Trits. Tritter gives us Trits throughout the day.

Unfortunately, it never occurred to me that millions of people would have an interest in this kind of communication. Twitter has now hit its stride. Oh well.

But before there was Twitter, there was Tritter.

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