Our First Loose Tooth

We were coming home tonight from our Boot Camp exercise group and Tristen announced quite emotively that she had a loose tooth. I checked it out and found not just one, but two loose teeth. She was ecstatic.

Her bottom two front teeth are quite shaky. They probably won’t make it through the weekend.

She asked if she could stay outside for a few minutes. She needed to dance in the driveway. Tristen has never found a  moment in her life that she has not been overly excited about. She is the perfect person to open presents. Everything is a party and everyday is full of surprises and she does not hold back from excited expressions when it comes to whatever is the next thing.

For her, this is a rite of passage into adulthood. Her friend is seven and has lost eight teeth thus far.

Once she came in the house she needed to call Grandma Mary and Grandma Pat and let them know the good news.

2 thoughts on “Our First Loose Tooth

  1. Congratulations Tritter! Hannah was jumping on the trampoline with the neighbor and knocked her front top tooth loose. It dropped out a couple days ago. The neighbor was uninjured.

  2. Tristan, can you suck your teeth in and out really fast when you breathe? Eben loved doing that when his two bottom front teeth were loose at the same time.

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