A Cow Day Memory

IMG_0391Today was national cow day or something like that at Chick-fil-A. The kids were up early and ready to go to breakfast with their friend, Samantha. Anybody who wears a cow outfit of their own making got a free meal.

Lucia was up at midnight last night finishing up their costumes. Chick-fil-A was proactive enough to put paw prints, spots, tails, noses and ears on their website. Lucia printed them off and taped them to their T-shirts.

The kids had a major memory.

They had breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had a break in counseling long enough to join them for dinner at the local Chick on Pelham Road.

Lucia said she had her chicken quota for the day. Her cals were shot, but she will go running in the AM.

3 thoughts on “A Cow Day Memory

  1. You look good as a cow :^) But seriously, Chick – Fil-A is making this easier with all those printables, if I’d have realized how simple it could be I might have tried it. Guess we’ll all have to be cows for a day next year.

  2. Rick… I hate to say it, but with your glasses you look a little like you’ve come down with mad cow disease. You may need to get that checked out before next year. 🙂

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