Sunday, the best day

IMG_0531Today was such a good day. It was our first day serving in Children’s Ministry. We work in the K-5 class, one of 12 classes on our upstairs hall. Tristen and Haydn get to serve with us. They go to Children’s Ministry the second hour, so our Sunday routine looks like this:

  • We serve as a family the first hour in Kingdom Kids
  • Lucia and I go to the second hour worship, while the kids go to their respective Journey Children’s Ministry Class
  • We sit in the cafe the third hour and drink coffee and eat Pop Tarts

It is a complete day from 8:30 to 12:30. We get to serve, worship and fellowship. And praise God for Dunkin Donuts who supplies all the free coffee we can drink. A definite plus.

Haydn was so excited today because we were teaching the class that he attends the second hour. He attends Mr. Ed’s class. Mr. Ed is an icon, so I have been told. The kids that serve with him were in his class when they were K-fivers. And some of the parents who bring their K5 kids to Journey were also Mr. Ed’s students 30+ years ago. He is an energetic, scooter driving, God-lover. He may be unique in that he has been riding a scooter since he was 13.

Something transformative has happened to Haydn since he has been in Mr. Ed’s class. It has been very good for him.

IMG_0528I think he told me about 7 to 10 times today, “Mr. Ed does it [this way or that way]. I got complete instructions from Haydn on how to run the first hour class. It was very cute as well as encouraging. Male leadership and influence has always been a big deal for us and I’m glad my son is so eager to be at the meeting and interact with the older generation.

After the meeting we went shopping at several places, including Talbots & Lowes. While Lucia tried on some clothes me and the kids found stuff to do. See pic above and below!

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