Starship Redeemer

Tristen was just promoted to the 3rd grade Children’s Ministry Class. It is hard to believe she is in the third grade. I have requested many times that she stop growing, but to no avail.

Her teeth are falling out, she is reading more sophisticated stuff and the words she is using are getting longer. Last week she humbly brought an observation into my life when she noted…

Dad, I thought you said you weren’t going to work on the computer in bed because you said working in bed caused some of your sleep problems? The last two nights you have been using it in bed.

Now, I have two accountability partners in the house. How kind of God.

This past week I took some pics of one of her new classrooms. It’s called Starship Redeemer. She was pretty stoked about it. It, too, seems a bit sophisticated. You can see them here. Haydn is a bit jealous, but he is doing quite fine.