Haydn Ran His First Race Today

IMG_0688Haydn, my 6-year old, and #4171 in the pic, ran his first race today. He ran a 10:50 mile. I had the joy of running with him. He was so excited. He came to me last night, shortly after 11PM and said he was ready to go. He woke up, thought is was morning, and was ready to run his race.

Lucia also ran her first 5K today. She cut two minutes off her time. She was fantastic. Unfortunately, we had some camera problems and couldn’t get a pic of her.

It was a perfect morning with a slight mist and in the sixties.IMG_0691

Theology for eating desserts

Tristen gave me her theology of eating desserts the other day. It went like this:

Dad, if you eat your desserts first, then it will come out first. So we can eat our dessert first, go to the bathroom and let it out and then we can eat our vegetables. The vegetables will stay in us, because we ate them last and they are better for us.

The sugar will be all out of us, because we ate the desserts first. That way we won’t be acting real crazy because of the sugar.

Her depth of understanding is impressive.