We Have Been Incredibly Busy

It has been a long time since I have blogged here. We have not disappeared by no means. Our life has sped up to such a pace that some things have had to be set aside.

Blogging for the family has been one of those things.

God has poured out his blessings on our business, to the point where it has been a challenge to do all that is required. Fortunately, our family time has not taken a hit at all, but we have trimmed down to what is really important.

We had an incredible Christmas time. It was fun. New Years was a blast as well. January somewhat disappeared. I took Haydn to the Monster Jam again this year. I also bought a ticket for Tristen to give her the experience. We won’t go again. It’s a bit underwhelming, but the kids really enjoyed the experience.

For us, it is more about making a memory than the event itself. Being together and being silly is far more memorable than whatever it is that we are attending.

Next week we will go to the circus again. This seems to be a regular tradition.

Our courtesy snow this year was about two to three inches. Fortunately, it froze for a day so we could go out and find a hill to slide down. That was a blast. We bought sleds at the Sports Authority and had an incredible time. Haydn is very brave. He is not trying to impress or taking a dare. He just has courage when it comes to these kinds of things.

Ansa complained all the way down the hill, but her grinning gave her away. When she got to the bottom of the hill, her first response was, “Let’s do it again!” She’s sweet. And fun!

We had a major Super Bowl blast. And it was a blast. Haydn shot his first ever rifle. Tristen chickened out, per usual, but it was a lot of fun. We stayed late and slept in the next day.

We have 100 countries hitting our biz site and the stats have been off the charts. Life is completely satisfying.

We started a boot camp last May and have been meeting together twice per week with some friends, about 15 of them. That has been a hoot and physically refreshing.

We got our condo on the Disney site for this coming September. The kids do not know this yet. It was a gift given to us. This will be our first ever trip to the mouse!! We volunteered for three hours this past Jan with Meals on Wheels and they gave us four one-day tickets to Disney. That was a huge help as well.

That covers some stuff. Thank you guys for reading our little family blog. Continue to pray for us as Lucia and I continue to learn how to love one another and parent our kids. God is amazing, stunning, and kind.

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