Circus ’10

Last night we went to the circus. I took Lucia, Tristen, Haydn, Ansa, and Ariel. Yes, Ariel. Kids are interesting, funny, and very instructive. Nearly four years ago, when we were looking for a new home, we visited a home for sale in our current neighborhood. The family, who was selling their home, were very friendly.

One of the young daughters of the home gave Tristen a small “Ariel” stuffed doll. Tristen was four at the time. Ariel has been her constant companion. If you were to scroll our photo archive over the past four years you’ll see Ariel in many shots that we have of Tristen. Last night was no exception.

She said later, “My arm got tired holding Ariel up to watch the show.” Tristen held the doll up nearly the entire show last night and allowed her to “watch’ the Circus. It was funny and somewhat amazing. She also fed Ariel cotton candy.

Tristen is a marvelous and incredible daughter. She impresses me. She most definitely is her own girl and she has her own thoughts. It is wonderfully satisfying to watch how she is growing, processing, and thinking her own thoughts.

I walked in on them last night and, true to form, Haydn and Ansa were sound asleep. Tristen was nowhere near sleep. She was writing in her “Adventure Book” with Ariel at her side. Tristen keeps an Adventure Book of all the things she does. She told me while I was brushing her teeth that she would like to record what we did at the Circus so her kids can see “what we did back in our day.”

I love her very much.

As for the Circus? It was the best one yet. I really enjoyed it. I only wish I could see it through the eyes of my children. I would like to see what they see and what they think. I can’t do that anymore. I’m sure it was big and stimulating. I remember when I was a kid how the people on stilts were incredibly tall. I wonder what my kids will think and what they will remember when they get to be my age.

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