Ansa Hit Haydn With a Hammer

The other day in the school room Ansa picked up a hammer and hit Haydn in the left butt cheek. Haydn cried. A lot.

He had a bruise on his butt from that one. I don’t think Ansa realized how heavy the hammer was or the danger of wielding it.

She made full contact with her older brother. Though she was sorry for what she did, it didn’t takeaway from the disciplinary consequences.

Don’t Hit Your Spouse

We have taught our children that the way they treat each other is a snapshot of how they will treat their future spouses. For example, Haydn knows he has “three wives” in our home, his mother and two sisters.

This “let’s pretend” idea also applies to Ansa. How she treats her “husband” is a clue to her future. After the hammer swinging incident, it was apparent that we have some work to do.

Her husband will be grateful.

The Good News

I’m thankful she didn’t hit him in the head. And I checked on Haydn’s buttock today. It seems to be fine.

No bruise. Just a crack.