The Man in the Blue Shirt

The following is an email I sent to a friend after he obeyed the Spirit by buying a lunch…

Yesterday (Saturday) was a challenging day for us. Last night, when all was said and done, Lucia and I began planning for Sunday. We had scheduled a couple to come over for lunch on Sunday, but after a series of long and somewhat frustrating events on Saturday I was not in faith to tax my wife any more than what we had been through that day. Two days in a row was too much. I told her that I didn’t want her to have to jump through the hoops of planning a Sunday dinner at 9:30PM Saturday night, esp. in light of our challenging day. I felt it was best for us to ask the couple coming for lunch to eat out with us instead.

Lucia and I both liked that idea, except there was one issue. Neither one of us wanted to spend the money to eat out. It was more economical, as you know, to do hospitality at home and we also had spent too much money on other things this past month, so we were trying to dial back some.

I was pressed between the tension of serving my wife by spending money or jumping through the hoops of hospitality and staying up later than we needed to. I chose the former over the latter and trusted/hoped God to provide.

Needless to say, I was blown away when I got to the cash register at Salisritas this afternoon. Your modeling of the Gospel before us was stunning: He came to serve, not to be served!!!

When my kids sat down to eat, I went to them and asked them to “look at that man over there with the blue shirt and to remember him. I want to tell you a story about him later.” My kids came to me twice in the restaurant and once in the van asking me to tell them the story about the “man with the blue shirt.” I waited until we got home.

At home I sat my family down and told them about our great God and how he used “the man in the blue shirt.” My oldest was wiping tears from my cheeks as I got to the good part. God writes a far better story than I ever could.

Here is part of what God wrote:

  • My wife was served very well.
  • You were obedient to the Spirit.
  • My family got to eat with friends (3 hours!!)
  • My kids got to see a real, live example of God at work.
  • My soul was/is lifted up in God…again, as I get to reflect on our great God.

Jesus talked about the lady who broke the alabaster box and said wherever the Gospel is preached, tell this story also. Her story speaks loudly about the effect of His story on someone’s life. And what you did profoundly affected me and it gave me an opportunity to show my kids another way about how our God works.