Haydn’s Gospel-Centered Bike Story Continues

So we prayed for a bike for Ansa. We didn’t want to buy her one, because it was not something we wanted to afford at this time. God, in his mercy to us, allows Haydn to win the raffle at the movie theater and he wins a brand new bicycle. Rather than keeping the bicycle for himself, he says he wants to give the brand new bike to Ansa.

I had four brothers. If I were six years old again, I still would respond the same way I would have responded the first time I was six years old. There is no way, under God’s green earth, I would have given a brand new bike to any of my siblings. I do not know if Haydn has been regenerated, but that was a big time Christlike behavior.

God one-upped Haydn

But God had other things in mind. Haydn wanted to give his new bike to his four year old sister. (Who by-the-way, gave him a black eye about two days before. Amazing son.) When we got to boot camp two days after the raffle, one of our good friends, David and Anna, brought his daughter’s old bike to give to Ansa. David had no idea about the Gospel-centered bike story that was developing in our family. Now Ansa had two little bicycles.

What are we going to do about it?

  1. Share the story of Haydn with our friends. Jesus said that wherever the Gospel is preached to tell this story with it. He was referring to the lady who broke the alabaster box and anointed his feet. He wanted others to see a live demonstration of the Gospel in action. My boy has lived out the Gospel in his life.
  2. Celebrate my son’s heart with our family. If it is an evidence of God’s gracious activity in his life, then when we find the “evidence” we want to celebrate it. If God shows up and blesses us this way, this time through our son, we want to make it a memorable memory.
  3. Go buy my boy and big boy bike, by trading in the one he won. God one-upped my son. Haydn showed love and faith by giving his bike away. God blessed my son. And now I want to bless my son because of the way he blessed his little sister.

Thanks, David and Anna, for the bicycle.


It has been awhile since I have blogged. I’m gonna be honest here…I am uber-busy, which is the new way of saying super-busy. We are very busy. I’m not even sure where this Spring has gone and now it is Summer. Let’s see…

  1. Ansa had a birthday in March. We took a birthday trip to Atlanta. We spent the day at the Georgia Aquarium. It was a blast. We had lunch across the street at Johnny Rockets. That was cool for them. The waiter gave them a nickel apiece, so the kids got to put it in their little juke box and pick a song, none of which they knew. Their selections were funny. They did the b’day song for Ansa and she got a special balloon and cake. The Aquarium was quite awesome and another display of God’s goodness through His creation. We saw big fish, a whale, turtles, squids, and much more. We were beside the various aquariums and under others. We leaned into some and touch some of the creatures. It was fun.
  2. My birthday trip was in May and we went back home. I wanted to take the kids to my old stomping grounds. They were mostly thrilled about the trip. The highlight was a stop at my first job as a 12-year old punk kid. It was at Judd’s Restaurant. I was the busboy. After the meal I bused the tables and the kids took pictures of me picking up the dishes, cleaning the table and placing the tray in the window for the dishwashers to wash. That “window” was the place where I hurt my back 39-years ago and things have never been the same. I was over-ambitious. It was a thrill to bus that table. There was a 39-year gap in that activity as well. Judd’s has hardly changed a bit. The duct tape was in the window and the signs and cushions were all the same. It was amazing. Really amazing. The new owner, a nephew of Judd Parker gave me two official Judd’s Restaurant mugs. How cool is that. They weigh about two pounds apiece. Those things are very thick.
  3. We made a beach trip to Folly Island for our business. Our friends, Getz Photography, wanted to do some beach shots and so we went a day at the beach. The photo shoot took about 4 hours. The pics look awesome. Those guys are good.
  4. We made another trip to Atlanta to the World of Coke Museum, which is right beside the Georgia Aquarium. The kids really loved that as well, though it was quite a bit different than the GA. They sampled a ton of cokes from all over the world. The one from Italy was perfectly gross. They also gave us each a bottled (glass) coke. We saved those for home, a few weeks later.
  5. We are still working out twice per week with the boot camp we run. There are about 10 to 15 friends that show up twice per week in the park and we sweat it out for an hour. That has been fun and good community for our friends.
  6. The pool is open and the kids are super-charged about that. It has been refreshing.
  7. I bought a bike this Spring and now have a new hobby. I try to ride at least every Tuesday night at Donaldson Center. There are several hundred bikers that ride on Tuesdays. We typically do 30 miles. I have been riding with another friend and one of my pastors on Wed afternoon. I’m thankful for a job where I can take off whenever I want and it not cut into family time. I fell over once. I had someone fall on me once and we both went down. And I was bitten in the butt by a dog once. That hurt.
  8. In April Lucia and I ran a 5K in Greer. That was fun.
  9. We also bought the P90X workout program, so Lucia and I have been working out one hour per day for the past two months, in addition to bike riding and our boot camps. The “yoga day” is actually 90 minutes and it is the hardest of all. I thought yoga would be a break. It’s a killer.
  10. A friend let us come over and go horseback riding one day. The kids really loved that. They can’t remember being on a horse, though Tristen and Haydn have, so that was good.
  11. The kids recently finished a week of VBS. God did some good stuff there and also used our kids to model the Gospel to the VBS folks.
  12. They also finished another year of AWANA at our church. They may have memorized 75 verses and did a ton of things.
  13. Tristen is getting ready to go to camp for a week in July. She is stoked. She gets to go with her best friend at our church.
  14. My business is going bonkers (that’s a good thing).
  15. Lucia has finished another homeschool year
  16. We’re doing tons of hospitality
  17. We’re officially starting/leading a small group at our church this Sunday
  18. My board meets as a small group, once per month for about 6 hours each meeting

This is part of the reason I slowed down blogging on our family page: God’s blessing is overflowing.

I have also cut back on blogging on my business page. I was blogging everyday for two years, but have just cut back to blogging Monday – Friday. That has helped. I’ve had to cut back on my business in order to maintain our busy family time. God is good.

Haydn, the Gospel, and His New Bicycle

Lucia and I have been talking the past couple of months about getting Tristen a new bicycle and giving her current bicycle to Ansa. Ansa cannot ride one yet, but she is ready to experiment with a bike with training wheels. I have not been in faith to “pull the trigger” to get one. Tristen’s is a bit too small, so she needs to move up a level and, sadly, Ansa gets all the hand-me-downs, but my children seem to be oblivious to materialistic sinning.

I think grandma Mary has helped them with this, due to her consistent lavishing of gifts on my children from her dumpster diving. They are very grateful for the dumpster toys she finds for them. They typically say something like this:

Grandma Mary brings us gifts that she gets out of the dumpster. We have to wash them off and clean them up.

I hope that attitude never changes with them. I think regular trips to the Goodwill Store serves them well also.

So today they went to the free movie at the Hollywood 20. They put on free movies each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the summer. After the movie, they came out to a church that was putting on a fun day. The church is getting ready to launch in the fall. They had all kinds of toys, rides, and things. At the end of the event they had a drawing.

Guess what?

Haydn won a bicycle!! A brand new bicycle. I came home from a counseling session this afternoon and there was a bicycle in the living room. It was amazing. Lucia didn’t want to tell me what had happened. She wanted Haydn to tell me. Haydn came downstairs and told me the whole story. And then he said, the man said I could get any bike I wanted and I wanted to get a bike for Ansa.

That’s my boy.

He is one Gospel-centered kid. Rather than choosing a brand new bike for himself, he picked a smaller bike that would fit Ansa. I don’t think I would have done that. He wasn’t bragging on himself, but just stating what he wanted to do. Not only did God give us the desires of our heart, by giving us a bicycle, but Haydn went above and beyond and clearly demonstrated a Gospel act by setting aside his desires, while seeking to bless someone else.

He’s six-years old. I hope and pray this is how he will choose to pattern his life. I could not have been more blessed by God’s work in his life.