Haydn, the Gospel, and His New Bicycle

Lucia and I have been talking the past couple of months about getting Tristen a new bicycle and giving her current bicycle to Ansa. Ansa cannot ride one yet, but she is ready to experiment with a bike with training wheels. I have not been in faith to “pull the trigger” to get one. Tristen’s is a bit too small, so she needs to move up a level and, sadly, Ansa gets all the hand-me-downs, but my children seem to be oblivious to materialistic sinning.

I think grandma Mary has helped them with this, due to her consistent lavishing of gifts on my children from her dumpster diving. They are very grateful for the dumpster toys she finds for them. They typically say something like this:

Grandma Mary brings us gifts that she gets out of the dumpster. We have to wash them off and clean them up.

I hope that attitude never changes with them. I think regular trips to the Goodwill Store serves them well also.

So today they went to the free movie at the Hollywood 20. They put on free movies each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the summer. After the movie, they came out to a church that was putting on a fun day. The church is getting ready to launch in the fall. They had all kinds of toys, rides, and things. At the end of the event they had a drawing.

Guess what?

Haydn won a bicycle!! A brand new bicycle. I came home from a counseling session this afternoon and there was a bicycle in the living room. It was amazing. Lucia didn’t want to tell me what had happened. She wanted Haydn to tell me. Haydn came downstairs and told me the whole story. And then he said, the man said I could get any bike I wanted and I wanted to get a bike for Ansa.

That’s my boy.

He is one Gospel-centered kid. Rather than choosing a brand new bike for himself, he picked a smaller bike that would fit Ansa. I don’t think I would have done that. He wasn’t bragging on himself, but just stating what he wanted to do. Not only did God give us the desires of our heart, by giving us a bicycle, but Haydn went above and beyond and clearly demonstrated a Gospel act by setting aside his desires, while seeking to bless someone else.

He’s six-years old. I hope and pray this is how he will choose to pattern his life. I could not have been more blessed by God’s work in his life.

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