Haydn’s Gospel-Centered Bike Story Continues

So we prayed for a bike for Ansa. We didn’t want to buy her one, because it was not something we wanted to afford at this time. God, in his mercy to us, allows Haydn to win the raffle at the movie theater and he wins a brand new bicycle. Rather than keeping the bicycle for himself, he says he wants to give the brand new bike to Ansa.

I had four brothers. If I were six years old again, I still would respond the same way I would have responded the first time I was six years old. There is no way, under God’s green earth, I would have given a brand new bike to any of my siblings. I do not know if Haydn has been regenerated, but that was a big time Christlike behavior.

God one-upped Haydn

But God had other things in mind. Haydn wanted to give his new bike to his four year old sister. (Who by-the-way, gave him a black eye about two days before. Amazing son.) When we got to boot camp two days after the raffle, one of our good friends, David and Anna, brought his daughter’s old bike to give to Ansa. David had no idea about the Gospel-centered bike story that was developing in our family. Now Ansa had two little bicycles.

What are we going to do about it?

  1. Share the story of Haydn with our friends. Jesus said that wherever the Gospel is preached to tell this story with it. He was referring to the lady who broke the alabaster box and anointed his feet. He wanted others to see a live demonstration of the Gospel in action. My boy has lived out the Gospel in his life.
  2. Celebrate my son’s heart with our family. If it is an evidence of God’s gracious activity in his life, then when we find the “evidence” we want to celebrate it. If God shows up and blesses us this way, this time through our son, we want to make it a memorable memory.
  3. Go buy my boy and big boy bike, by trading in the one he won. God one-upped my son. Haydn showed love and faith by giving his bike away. God blessed my son. And now I want to bless my son because of the way he blessed his little sister.

Thanks, David and Anna, for the bicycle.

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